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Six Ways to Become a Better Listener

I was honored to present my “Chaos to Clarity” power communication presentation to the great folks at Georgia Organics last month. One area that sparked engagement with this group was on the topic of “Getting Tuned In.” This part of the program is about knowing your...

3 Tips for Successful Interviews at NeoCon

Trade shows such as NeoCon provide manufacturers an excellent opportunity to meet with media members to discuss their new products and innovations. Most savvy exhibitors know that scheduling appointments with the media is an important part of their overall trade show marketing. Yet simply getting the media to meet with you is not enough.

Here are three tips to ensure you maximize your media meetings.

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Effective Communicators and The Ripple Effect

This past fall Matt Spaulding was asked to teach a business communication class at Georgia State University. Geared to business majors, the course covers the fundamental strategies and tactics of effective written and oral communication.

After 14 rigorous weeks where students were required to write a variety of business memos and letters and deliver individual and group presentations, I wanted to know how my students viewed communication from a practical business perspective. Read More…

George Washington: The Great Communicator?

If asked to make a list of presidents who were great communicators, you’d probably be able to name several right off the bat. Surely Ronald Reagan, “The Great Communicator,” and Abraham Lincoln would top anyone’s list.  But George Washington?  Probably not.  However, 231 years ago, the true genius of Washington’s…

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Leadership Lessons From The Battle of Chattanooga

As a public relations professional for more than two decades, I believe our industry does a solid job of providing information and training on new trends, strategies, tools and techniques shaping our profession. But one area where we are lacking is in leadership development. I believe we can do more to help PR pros at every level become better leaders. More>>