Engage… Customers, Influencers and External Stakeholders

The path to a successful sale can sometimes be long and complicated.  But it’s a fact that a sale cannot occur unless there is awareness first and then some form of engagement along the way.

We leverage any one of the following services to generate awareness, create engagement and spur sales of your product.

  • Brand Positioning & Messaging
  • Public Relations
    • Press Releases
    • Byline Articles
    • Media Tours
    • Case Studies
    • White Papers
    • Media Commentary
    • Executive Positioning
    • Thought Leadership
  • Advertising
  • Social Media & Blogger Relations
  • SEO & Website Development
  • Trade Show Support 
  • Sales Collateral & Product Brochures
  • Customer Events


Excite…Employees, Associates and Your Sales Force

Getting employees and your sales force excited, motivated and aligned to your strategic business goals requires a multi-disciplined approach. Words must be aligned with actions, visuals and the appropriate vehicles.  Most importantly, the approach should stimulate interaction, understanding and action.

We will create and execute any of the following to generate greater excitement for your brand internally.

  • Print and Electronic Newsletters and Bulletins
  • Webinars and Executive Presentations
  • Special Events
  • Internal Company Videos
  • Internal Messages and Message Maps
  • Senior-Level Buy In and Employee Champions
  • Sharable and Memorable Stories
  • Employee Driven and Generated Content
  • Integrating Multi-Media & Social Media Platforms

Empower… Employees to become better communicators

Clear and precise communication is more important than ever in today’s complex and hyper-fast work environment. Our communication training programs are designed to strengthen a professional’s own “personal brand,” as well as drive greater communication efficiency for teams and organizations. This focused approach creates a “ripple effect,” bringing benefits for businesses, their brands and the customers who engage with them.


Whether you’re a senior-level executive, mid-level manager or just starting your career, our programs are tailored to real-world experiences. This means participants can begin becoming better communicators as soon as they return to the office.


We offer the opportunity for organizations and individuals to become Power Communicators through four key learning platforms:


Our 1 to 1.5 hour “Chaos to Clarity” session delivered over breakfast or lunch can be a quick yet effective way to get people acting as Power Communicators.
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Develop a customized half-day, full-day or multi-day workshop to drill down on the communication skills needed for your team.
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Using critical battles in our nation’s history, we get your team out of the workplace to experience how leadership and communication in times of true chaos can be applied to today’s workplace.
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Your employees and customers are looking for fun and memorable events. We’ve taken experiential battlefield programs and turned them into brief historical tours you won’t soon forget.
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