Chaos in the workplace is real.  But nowhere is chaos more exemplified than during an actual military battle.  Our battlefield programs get participants out of the workplace and into the field, standing in the actual places where history was made.


Our battlefield programs are built from case studies that explore the key leadership decisions and communication skills made by the central figures in each battle. What did they know?  What did they say?  What did they write?  And what was the effect?


We have developed full-day experiential programs based on key battles in our nation’s history:

Washington’s Delaware River Crossing and Battles at Trenton and Princeton, N.J. (1776-77)

The Civil War’s Battle of Atlanta (1864)

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The Civil War’s Battles for Chattanooga (1863)

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Case Study

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Trenton and Princeton

We stand in the spot where George Washington and his courageous Continental soldiers embarked on their daring Christmas Day night crossing of the Delaware River and changed the face of history forever.  We explore how Washington articulated his vision and motivated his troops.


Our Battle of Atlanta tour takes us to where General Sherman made his headquarters during the historic Battle of Atlanta.  We review Sherman’s strategic plan and his management style with his subordinates. 


Our Battle of Chattanooga program focuses on the leadership and communication styles of Union General U.S. Grant and Confederate General Braxton Bragg. The difference in these two leaders sealed the fate for the Confederates during these critical battles.