Whether you run a local two-person shop or you have several hundred employees serving customers across multiple states, every organization needs to have a strategic marketing plan. A strategic marketing plan, if done correctly, provides multiple benefits: It brings a higher level of consistency and focus to all your marketing efforts; it concentrates your resources (read: budget) to where they are needed most; it sets your company apart from the competition; and it can lead to increased sales opportunities.

Strategic Marketing is not

While developing a strategic marketing plan is not rocket science, it does require a disciplined, comprehensive approach. At Comfortech 2015, Matt Spaulding will be presenting a four-step process executives can use to create a customized strategic marketing plan for their company that is aligned to their brand and business objectives.

Step One requires executives to answer tough questions about their own business. Any organization looking to promote itself must have a firm understanding of what it stands for, what benefits it offers and how it is different.

Step Two examines a company’s current and prospective customers: Who are they? What do they know about your company? How can you reach them?

Step Three looks at the resources available to execute a plan. What kind of budget will you need? Will you need to purchase new marketing tools or add more staff?

Step Four brings everything together on paper in an easy-to-understand plan framework that contains the goals, strategies, tactics, and success measurements of the strategic marketing plan.

Using multi-media, examples from other companies, and presenting the information in a step-by-step “checklist” format, this session will be engaging, inspirational and informative. Attendees will leave knowing how to put together a marketing plan that is not only strategic, but also realistic in its scope and desired outcomes.

Please contact Matt Spaulding if you’d like him to present to your organization or executive team.  He can be reached at 404-270-101 or matts@spauldingcommunications.com