Washington Leadership Program

“Character Counts”

On Christmas Day 1776, General George Washington led a rag-tag group of freezing, half-starved American soldiers on a daring night crossing of the Delaware River to attack a regiment of Hessians soldiers at Trenton, N.J.  Using the element of surprise and speed, it was an audacious plan that had dire consequences; if it failed the American Revolution would likely be over.

Washington’s attack at Trenton led to subsequent battles over the British within 10 brief days. The victories turned the tide of the war in favor of the Americans and forever changed the face of world history.

This premier experience enables you and your team to explore the courageous leadership decisions made by Washington, as well as other American, Hessian and British leaders.

The Need

No matter the industry, organizations of all sizes need to be flexible, adaptable and courageous in today’s highly competitive business environment. At the same time, these competitive pressures require organizations to have a crystal clear focus of their vision, and employees that are truly committed to the cause.

The Delivery

The George Washington Leadership Program is a highly interactive, onsite, one-day experience. Organizations can customize the program to suit a variety of needs. It can be used in conjunction with employee training, strategic planning, a sales meeting or a customer event.

The Benefits

The George Washington Leadership Program is a premier experience. It is a compelling platform to help organizations focus in on critical business and leadership elements such as:

  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability
  • Clarity of Mission
  • Effective Communication
  • Employee Engagement
  • Team Diversity
  • Personal and Team Resilience
  • Courageous Decision-Making

Who Should Attend

As a fully customizable program, the George Washington Leadership experience can be customized to virtually any group, team or set of individuals — regardless of title, role or experience. However, with its focus on leadership, the program is most applicable for executives looking to integrate the experience within their organization’s mission and vision. Managers and rising leaders will also benefit from the program.  Individuals will learn new communication and leadership concepts that can further benefit their existing skill sets.

“History shows that the most famous winners usually had faced enormous difficulties. But they won because they refused to be defeated.”

B.C. Forbes, founder,Forbes magazine.