When it comes to podcasts, there’s something for everyone. According to DemandSage’s latest statistics, published on August 20, 2022, there are approximately 2.4 million podcasts globally. That’s a lot of content, and the topics range from the sublime to the comedic. With all that enticing entertainment, it can be difficult to tune out the noise and find architecture and design shows that make a difference in your career.

How Listening to Podcasts Can Help A&D Brands

Listening to Architectural and Design (A&D) podcasts offers numerous benefits and opportunities for A&D brand leaders and product marketers. As a marketer or sales professional listening to industry podcasts can help you better understand the state of the industry and the topics that matter most to your audience.

Here are our top five reasons A&D professionals should consider listening to industry podcasts. 

Five Reasons to Listen to Architectural & Design Podcasts

  1. You can learn directly from industry experts who share their expertise, experience and lessons in a personal and intimate setting.
  2. You gain a deeper understanding of the problems, topics, and concerns that matter most to your audience.
  3. You’ll receive tips, insights, inspiration and motivation to help you fine-tune your approach and better position your solutions. 
  4. You’ll stay updated on current and emerging trends in niche areas, including healthcare, hospitality, multifamily, workplace, education, retail and commercial design.
  5. You’ll become a better, more empathetic listener.

Listening to a podcast while commuting, walking or doing other things is a great way to learn and stay inspired. Photo by Henry Be on Unsplash.

How to Find the Right A&D Podcasts

A quick search for “architecture and design” podcasts on Listen Notes returned 682 results at the time this blog was written. While many of the podcasts listed are no longer in production, there are still plenty of podcasts that add value. 

We’ve selected 10 of the A&D podcasts we tune into regularly to help us communicate our clients’ expertise, point of view, and products to the A&D community. Each podcast provides unique and specific benefits; instead of ranking them by popularity or merit, we’ve listed them randomly with a few words about what they offer and how they can help your marketing and sales team. 

1. MPowered, the Podcast for Busy A&D Sales Reps

MPowered is created by ThinkLab, a SANDOW Design Group brand and sponsored by Material Bank. It delivers a weekly dose of bite-sized actionable insights to help B2B sales representatives succeed in the A&D environment. The podcast is relatively new, launching on August 8, 2022 with the episode, “Where to start when calling on Architects and Designers.” The September 19 episode, “How can I use thought leadership as a lead in?” with host Meredith Campbell is a superb example of how marketing can help drive sales.

2. Deep Green, the Podcast for A&D Sustainability Information

This podcast from Metropolis explores how the built environment impacts climate change and equity. The show offers bi-weekly episodes on how buildings, cities, and the things that go into them affect the environment and life on this planet. Interior brands may want to start with the April 12, 2022 episode Regenerative Interior Brands.

The Metropolis Deep Green podcast provides listeners with thoughtful and valuable information about the sustainable built environment.

3. The Learning Objective, the Place for CEUS and Educational Content

The Learning Objective by ThinkLab and SANDOW Design Group provides the architectural and design community AIA/IDCEC CEU credits. It’s also a great place for

A&D marketing and sales professionals to dive into compelling topics and learn along with architects and designers. If your brand is planning to produce CEU content, you’ll definitely want to put this podcast on your radar. If you manufacture products that help with acoustics, check out the episode, The Possibilities of Acoustics.

4. Workplace Innovator Podcast, A Resource for Workspace Design Innovations

Hosted by speaker and entrepreneur Mike Petrusky, the Workplace Innovator Podcast offers insights from top facility management and workplace leaders on how tech, talent, and tenacity create the best workplaces. Powered by iOffice, this podcast provides a keen understanding of the changing world of work and how to design friction-free workspaces. Interior brands that may be wondering how hybrid work will affect design and what the future of work looks like should  check out the episode Will Hybrid Work Ruin the Workplace?

5. The Trend Report, Strategic Growth for Contract Furniture Brands & Dealers

Host and professional coach, Sid Meadows, shares bi-weekly high-performance growth tips with the furniture and contract interiors industry. The Trend Report podcast features inspiring insights on how to navigate changes and leverage your brand’s advantages for greater success. Don’t miss the conversation with Matt Spaulding, our founder, about The Importance of Thought Leadership.

The Trend Report podcast provides insightful conversations about the contract interiors and furniture industry.

6. Alternative Design Podcast, Compelling Design Conversations, outside the Norm

The Alternative Design Podcast from Kimball International demonstrates how a brand can leverage podcasting to elevate conversation and inspire others. The podcast explores design from different perspectives, empowering creatives to rethink spaces. It covers topics outside the mainstream of building and design. We love their kickoff episode on the microbiome of buildings and weaving probiotics into textiles,

7. Gensler Design Exchange, Think Like an A&D Leader

The Gensler Design Exchange podcast showcases the thinking and ideas influencing the world’s top architectural firm. It creates a dialogue between design experts, creative trendsetters and thought leaders to discuss how to shape the future of cities. Check out this episode’s conversation about infusing hospitality design into the workspace.

8. Hotel Design Podcast, the Hub for Hospitality Information and Ideas

If you’re marketing products for the hospitality sector, you’ll want to tune into the Hotel Design Podcast from the Porcelanosa brand. The podcast, with host Glenn Haussman, invites hospitality experts from architecture, branding and design to join a conversation about hotel real estate, restaurant and lifestyle design. Check out the discussion with Laurie Woliung, Senior Director of Global Design with Marriott International for a taste of what’s happening in hospitality design.

9. Imagine a Place, Big Ideas about People, Places and Design

Hosted by Doug Shapiro, Imagine a Place examines the powerful role that place plays in our lives by gathering and sharing authentic voices, insightful perspectives, and stories of places designed to inspire, support, and connect people. Part of OFS, this is another fantastic example of how a brand is using the podcast format to engage and share ideas. Listen to the Sketching Around episode with furniture designer Brian Graham recorded in the wee hours before NeoCon 2022 to experience what approachable thought leadership sounds like.

The Imagine a Place podcast explores the power of place with leading creative thinkers.

10. Design Nerds, Where Design and Business Ideas Merge

Last but certainly not least is another ThinkLab podcast production. Design Nerds Anonymous is an industry-focused podcast that sparks curiosity at the intersection of design and business, Design Nerds Anonymous is currently on hiatus but don’t let that stop you from checking out their archived episodes including this one on The Future of NeoCon Shows and Hot Topics in the Design Industry. 

What’s Your Favorite A&D Podcast? 

We want to hear from you. What architectural and design podcasts are you listening to? Comment and share what you love about your favorite podcast or episode.

How Do You Get Your Brand Leaders on an A&D podcast?

Podcasts are a great way to learn, and they’re also a great way to share what makes your brand great. If you’re looking for opportunities to showcase the brilliance of your design team and internal experts, including how you’re helping to make the planet a better place, we’re here to help. Pitching guests for podcasts is part of what we do, and we’d love to see how we can help you. Contact us to start a conversation.




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