J+J Flooring Group



  •  J+J Flooring Group is a manufacturer of well-designed commercial carpet, LVT and textile composite flooring products
  • The company had a long history of environmental stewardship, but not much recognition for its efforts


  • To take all of its separate environmental achievements and communicate them in a cohesive fashion with relevance to its various audiences

  • To ensure J+J’s environmental achievements stood out against larger, more established competitors in the industry



  • Leveraged J+J’s Director of Environmental Innovation as the “unifying voice” for the company’s environmental efforts
  • Pursued speaking events and awards to generate added third-party credibility and validation
  • Instituted a media and social media campaign with “proof points” materials, InfoGraphics and media-ready images


  • Millions of impressions through national trade and newspaper media coverage
  • In-depth feature stories in local area newspapers and trade magazines
  • Widespread social media aligned with PR
  • Secured prestigious, internationally recognized environmental award for the company’s Director of Environmental Innovation
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