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Our Strategic Approach

We begin every engagement by identifying the communication goals and behaviors you want to see displayed across your organization, within your team or by individual. We then customize our training programs to meet those needs with maximum impact.

Our Services

We offer half-day and one-day experiential and classroom-based training sessions. Our training sessions and workshops focus specifically on the principles of communication leadership and communication clarity.

Experiential Training Sessions

Individuals, teams and organizations today need professional development training that makes a lasting impact. We’ve found the solution. We get people into a fully immersive experience-based environment. Our experiential history-based programs are impactful, memorable and highly applicable for today’s chaotic workplace. Our programs include:

The Washington Leadership Experience – Held onsite in historic Princeton, N.J., participants assess Washington’s character, decision-making and the novel approaches he took to team building at the early stages of the Revolutionary War. We use Washington’s famous 1776 Delaware Crossing as our platform. This is a 1-day session.

U.S. Grant and The Battles of Chattanooga – Held onsite at scenic locations throughout Chattanooga, participants stand in U.S. Grant’s footsteps to evaluate his brilliant leadership qualities, as well as his shortcomings. We use the oft-forgotten yet highly important Battles of Chattanooga (Nov. 1863) as our platform. This is a 1-day session.
The Making of the U.S. Constitution – Held onsite in Philadelphia and at locations such as Independence Hall, participants discuss the importance of a unifying vision and how to achieve it. We study the principles of healthy debate, effective planning, conflict resolution and compromise. This is a 1-day session.

Classroom Sessions

Remote workforces. Siloed departments. Multi-generational teams. How can individuals and teams overcome organizational challenges and bring greater clarity to their communication? Our half-day or full-day Chaos to Clarity workshop is developed from real-world experience. We get to the heart of our clients’ challenges to help people overcome the communications hurdles holding them back.

Chaos to Clarity – A large portion of organizational and team dysfunction — a direct contributor to workplace chaos – is due to poor communication. But chaos turns to clarity when people listen effectively, build trust and communicate with purpose and meaning. In Chaos to Clarity, participants learn how to connect core leadership skills with essential communication techniques to strengthen their own personal brand and those around them. From the art of storytelling to enhancing executive presence, we unlock the power of effective communication to help you succeed in today’s chaotic workplace. This is a half-day or 1-day session.

Proven Relevance

Matt Spaulding is a marketing, public relations and communications training expert with more than 20 years of experience. He is the founder and president of Spaulding Communications, a strategic marketing and communications training firm he founded in 2002. He is a Resource Speaker for the global executive coaching company, Vistage, and a former instructor of business communication and Georgia State University.

Matt has experience leading individuals, teams and clients to new levels of success. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies and brands such as ConAgra, Honeywell and Johnson & Johnson. Drawing on his expertise as a message development expert and media trainer, Spaulding and his clients have appeared in media outlets ranging from The Wall Street Journal and USA Today to the Los Angeles Times and HGTV. Matt is passionate about helping organizations and individuals become more powerful and effective communicators.

“I would highly recommend Matt and Spaulding Communications to any organization looking to provide communication training for its people. Matt is an engaging presenter who is a true expert at the subject matter.”

Marc Koretzky
Chief Operating Officer
Complete Benefit Alliance

“Matt’s one-hour Chaos to Clarity presentation provided some great tips and was an excellent primer to get me and my team thinking about how we can be better communicators with each other and with our partners. We look forward to continuing our leadership journey with Matt’s good guidance.”

Alice Rolls
Executive Director
Georgia Organics

“A great presentation! Thank you!”

Abbie King
Farm to School Coordinator
Georgia Organics

“Great value in the information that was shared. I’ll be adding many of these tips to my communication skills.”

Popeye’s Women’s Leadership Forum

“Multiply him and distribute him throughout the university. This would be the only way to improve over what he presently offers our school.”

Matt Spaulding’s GSU Business Communication Course

“Mr. Spaulding is a perfect match for this course. Were time and money of no issue, I would take this course (and with him as the instructor) again just for the added learning benefit.”

Matt Spaulding’s GSU Business Communication Course

“I thoroughly enjoyed the information shared. Personally, it gave me encouragement and insight on the intention of being a leader and how best to communicate with the owner and my staff.”

Elisa Iannilli
General Manager
Decatur CoWorks


We’ve been honored to work with a variety of clients across multiple industries. Some of those include…

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