After the absorbing and often tiring experience of exhibiting at NeoCon, you may wonder what to do next to capitalize on the connections you made during the show. While NeoCon offers a unique platform for showcasing products, networking, learning, and gaining exposure, the real challenge lies in keeping the conversation alive long after the event. If you’re a product marketer wondering how to sustain momentum and continue building relationships with commercial designers once NeoCon is over, keep reading, we have some tips.

In this blog, we will explore various content ideas that NeoCon exhibitors can use to engage and captivate commercial designers once the show is over. We’ll explore how to take your videos, photographs, conversations, observations, and learning and apply them to a social media and content marketing plan that keeps your brand top-of-mind with commercial interior designers. This is a two-part series, so stay tuned for more ideas soon, or sign up for our insights here.


Post-NeoCon Content Ideas for Interior Product Marketers

1. Create a highlight reel to boost post-NeoCon engagement.

A highlight reel is a great way to capture key moments from the show and share them with the design community. It serves as a reminder for those who visited your space and a point of interest for those who may have missed the show or your exhibit. 

The reel can also be shared with internal audiences and key stakeholders to showcase your brand’s investment of time, money, and personnel and how it helped engage target audiences. Depending on who you want to reach, you may decide to create a highlight reels for each audience: stakeholders, customers, dealers, partners, media, etc.

Key Takeaways for creating a post-NeoCon highlight reel:

✅ Produce a video reel showcasing your exhibit and highlighting key moments. 

✅ Tailor your video to specific audiences and create email or social media content to share the video. 

✅ Be sure to create copy and captions to explain the content and why it may interest your audience. 

2.Track and reshare user-generated content.

Visitors to your exhibit often take images and videos and share them across social platforms, along with reviews, impressions, and thoughts about your brand, showroom, and products. Positive user-generated content is the gold standard for social content; it’s powerful, influential, and helps build trust in your brand. Designers often look to their peers to see what’s worked and what’s inspiring them. 

Key takeaways for tracking & sharing User-Generated NeoCon content:

✅ Follow the social media accounts of anyone who provides favorable coverage of your brand and products. 

✅ Like and comment on their posts, and consider sending direct messages thanking them for visiting your exhibit and offering additional assistance. 

✅ Reshare their posts and tag them in your captions to enhance engagement and inspire others.

3. Publish a post to include 3 big takeaways or reminders from your exhibit.

With more than 400+ exhibitors at NeoCon 2023, it’s almost impossible for attendees to see everything, much less remember what they saw where. With new products and solutions for markets including Workplace, Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Retail, Residential, Public Space, and Government, there’s a lot of information to retain. As a product marketer, you can set yourself apart by continuing to use your images, videos, and product information to reach attendees who missed your exhibit or might need a reminder of all those things that make your brand a valuable ally.

Tips for creating a NeoCon Takeaways Post:

Use images, videos, and product information to remind them of your brand’s value. 

Create virtual showroom tours and social posts highlighting key elements from your exhibit. 

Have your subject matter experts write a blog post about their top 3 NeoCon experience takeaways and share those insights.

4. Share product design inspiration stories.

Brands exhibiting at NeoCon know there’s never enough time or space to communicate everything you want to say about your products. Fortunately, you can expand on your exhibit messages after the show. To inspire and engage designers, consider sharing the design stories behind your new products.

Tips for sharing NeoCon product design stories after the show:

Expand on your exhibit messages by sharing design stories behind your products. 

Conduct Q&A sessions with lead designers, share mood boards and research that influenced your designs and showcase renderings of the products in different settings.

Discuss the creative process you use to develop products to highlight your brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability.

Consider making short videos about these product design stories that you can then post on your website, include in your email marketing campaigns, and share on your social platforms.

5. Share your NeoCon media coverage.

Congratulations! Your products and innovations are making headlines! If the media has covered aspects of your showroom or products coming out of NeoCon or mentioned you in rewards, this is a great way to capture attention. Sharing media coverage on social media can build credibility and trust with audiences, as media endorsements validate offerings and increase brand visibility. 

Sharing your media coverage also establishes a rapport with media outlets that cover various industries and topics related to the built environment, keeping your brand top-of-mind as a resource for future stories. 

Key takeaways for sharing NeoCon media coverage:

If your brand has received media coverage, share it on social media to build credibility and trust.

Like and comment on the posts, reshare them on your channels, and tag the media outlets. 

Use the coverage as an email blast or content to inform stakeholders about your brand’s success. 


Conclusion and Next Steps

NeoCon offers opportunities to strengthen relationships within the industry. Use your efforts, products, images, and videos to build brand affinity.

Want more ideas on how to keep the conversation going until next year’s NeoCon? Stay tuned for more content ideas in the coming weeks. Sign up for our blogs to receive helpful tips and resources for advancing your marketing. If you need assistance with a post-NeoCon content or strategies, contact our team to start a conversation.

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