Welcome to the second part of our blog series on post-NeoCon content ideas for interior product marketers. While NeoCon may be a months-old memory, you can still build on the momentum and increase your ROI by sharing thoughtful and engaging content related to your NeoCon products and portfolio. If you invested the time, money, energy, and resources to exhibit at NeoCon, you’ll want to make the most of it by extending the opportunities and keeping the conversation going. These content ideas can help. You’ll also want to check out part one of this two-part blog series for more ideas.

Post-NeoCon Content Ideas for Interior Product Marketers, Part 2

1. Position Your Products To Align with NeoCon Trends

A quick review of the numerous trend articles coming out of this year’s NeoCon reveals multiple trends worth considering, including:

  • Products that are mobile, flexible, and allow users to reconfigure spaces
  • Sustainable, net zero, circular, biodegradable product content
  • Unique shapes, colors, and textures that add comfort and playfulness
  • Products that integrate technologies

Tailoring your products to these trends is a great way to showcase them and how they support trends in various market segments. Trend stories are great ways to engage the media, build out your social feeds, and find topics for your blog.

2. Share Insights from Your Subject Matter Experts

Your team likely gained valuable knowledge and insights from their work in developing products or participating in NeoCon, so why not share some of these thoughts with your audience? Interviews or guest blog posts with your subject matter experts, including your design, research and development, and sustainability teams, can showcase your thinking and build credibility with designers, architects, and other key audiences.

Insights from your subject matter experts can take a variety of formats, including articles, blogs, videos, podcasts, or Q&As. For example, let’s say your research and design teams collaborated to achieve a feat in engineering that led to a modular or configurable workplace solution – sharing the process and your testing protocols can build your authority. Or, maybe your chief sustainability officer discovered a new way of looking at circularity or community impact from a NeoCon presentation and has used it to shape future efforts.

For your subject matter experts to become thought leaders, they need to be visible and seen as a resource for ideas, information, and a unique point of view. Your brand can elevate and lead essential conversations by sharing insights and your brand’s take on specific issues, such as the evolving workspace or the circular economy. Now is an excellent time to think about everything you achieved leading up to NeoCon and share the journey with your audience.

3. Share Your NeoCon Wins

Whether you won a Best of NeoCon award, a HiP award, or a Metropolis Likes award, there’s a story behind that accomplishment. How did that happen? Who was involved? What were the challenges, and how did evidence-based research affect the success?

Exhibitors and attendees rarely see the full story behind the stars of NeoCon. They don’t know what the brand team did, shared, or said to rise above the competition. Being transparent about your efforts inspires others and further highlights your brand as a leader in the industry.

Consider interviewing those involved, creating a video, or positioning your story for a podcast audience.

4. Develop Project Profiles and Case Studies

Once your NeoCon products gain traction and get specified, develop and share stories of their success with your audience. How did the products perform, solve problems, and evolve in real-world design projects? Project profiles and case studies are powerful tools to showcase your products’ practical applications and benefits.

When creating project profiles and case studies, consider the following elements:

  • Project Overview: Provide an introduction to the design project, including details such as the client’s name, project location, and the primary objectives they wanted to achieve.
  • Design Challenge: Explain the client’s specific design challenges and how your product was the ideal solution to address those challenges. Highlight any unique requirements or constraints that your product successfully addressed.
  • Product Integration: Describe how your product integrated into other systems, enhancing the space or addressing specific user needs. 
  • Performance and Impact: Share data and metrics to demonstrate the performance of your product and how it affected the project. This data could include improved energy efficiency, decreased maintenance costs, or other measurable benefits.
  • Client Testimonials: Include quotes or testimonials from the client, architects, or designers involved in the project. Their positive feedback adds credibility to your product’s performance and can influence other potential clients.

Industry trade publications will often publish project profiles and case studies, so be sure to share them as part of your public relations strategy. Profiles and case studies can take various forms, including bylined articles, videos, slide shows, e-books, or web content. They can also be used to engage attendees before NeoCon 2024, showcasing how your brand is making a difference while piquing their interest in what’s in store for the next NeoCon.


Developing content you can share with NeoCon attendees and other audiences throughout the year keeps you top of mind and extends your reach beyond the event. We’ve now shared nine content ideas; four in this article and five in part one to spur your thinking. Add your creativity and ideas and see where it leads you. After all, marketing means experimentation, so have some fun. You can develop a funny countdown to NeoCon 2024 or host a social media quiz to distribute any remaining NeoCon swag. Whatever you decide, remember to share generously and thoughtfully. NeoCon may only last a few days, but the work and the fun continue all year. 

If you need help developing ideas, making the most of your NeoCon assets, or executing any of this content, our team is happy to help. Contact us to start a conversation. 


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