We recently helped LG Hausys, a world-renowned brand, gain expansive media coverage, increase its social media presence, and generate business leads for its two leading surface brands – all in a “90-Day Sprint.”  Here’s how we did it.


Project Background:  Understanding LG’s Requirements

LG Hausys America, one of the world’s leading providers of building and decorative materials, turned to Spaulding Communications to raise awareness for new color additions to its Viatera® (quartz) and HI-MACS® (solid surface) brands. After a discovery session, we came away with the following requirements:

  • Leverage PR and social media to maximum effect with a small social media boosting budget, but without the benefit of paid advertising
  • Build awareness of the Viatera® and HI-MACS® brands with key editors
  • Align all PR and social media messages with LG’s position as a global products innovator


Setting Tangible Goals and Objectives

After establishing LG’s main requirements, we then worked to define clear objectives, establish KPIs, and create a strategy. The objectives established were to:

  • Generate awareness of the LG surface brands and the new colors through earned media coverage in key publications
  • Increase awareness and audience engagement on social media
  • Increase website traffic to drive potential lead generation


Creating an Integrated PR and Social Media Strategy

Based on LG’s budget and timing parameters, Spaulding Communications created a “90-Day Sprint” campaign.  We deployed the following strategic approach:


1. An Enhanced Integrated Social Media Campaign 

We optimized all the social media platforms for both the Viatera and the HI-MACS brands. Specific activities included:

We created two sets of 30-day editorial calendars to improve the posting cadence and unity of editorial themes.

hashtag optimization 90-Day Sprint

  • Brand Platform Audits We conducted an audit of each brand’s existing social strategy to better align messages, visuals, and timing of the PR campaign
  • Editorial Calendars We created two sets of 30-day editorial calendars to improve the posting cadence and unity of editorial themes
  • Hashtag Optimization – We conducted research and added relevant hashtags to optimize each brand’s hashtag strategy
  • Platform Profile Enhancement – We enhanced each brand’s account profile on each platform to better reflect each brands’ ethos
  • Tailored Posts — We created tailored posts for each platform to drive maximum audience engagement and to ensure each post was relevant for each platform; we also selected the best images for each platform
  • Community Engagement – We developed a list of key influencers and interacted daily with each brand’s online community

2. A Specialized Product Sample Mailing 

With editors receiving scores of emails for press releases every day, LG needed a way for their brands and new colors to stand out. We partnered with LG to send product samples to key media outlets. Benefits of this work included:

  • LG Brand Difference – Editors could view the products’ technologically advanced design and coloration techniques first-hand
  • Brand Recognition – Editors would be more likely to remember the new colors, helping ensure they would not be overlooked for inclusion in upcoming issues

3. Targeted Award Pursuit

Although the LG brand is recognized worldwide, its HI-MACS and Viatera brands face fierce competition from other established solid surface and quartz brands. Recognizing that awards bring instant credibility, we conducted the following activities:

  • Award Identification – We identified the most high-profile awards in vertical trade markets identified as critical to the brands by the client
  • Award Submissions – Based on our deep A&D industry knowledge, we were able to craft award-worthy submissions based for such high-profile awards as Healthcare Design magazine’s Nightingale Award and Interior Design’s Best of Year award

We leveraged our proprietary company database of 200+ print and online editorial contacts to target the right editors at the right media outlets.

4. A Customized Media Outreach Program

We leveraged our editorial knowledge and created customized press releases, pitches, and follow-ups to drive maximum coverage. Our work included:

  • Editorial Database – We leveraged our proprietary company database of 200+ print and online editorial contacts to target the right editors at the right media outlets
  • Customized Pitches and Press Releases – We developed customized editor pitches and tailored the press release to best match to each publications’ editorial focus
  • Editorial Targeting – We reviewed editorial calendars to identify upcoming “product news” sections to increase media coverage pick up
  • Media Follow Up – We conducted tailored follow up to engage with editors, answer questions and encourage coverage



Our 90-Day Sprint Campaign hit the mark across each goal identified.

Our strategic media relations work achieved:

Print and online coverage in architect, design, education, hospitality, healthcare, kitchen & bath, residential building, and construction media

Media Coverage 90-Day Sprint

  • More than 30 print and online articles across each vertical category identified
  • Print and online coverage in architect, design, education, hospitality, healthcare, kitchen & bath, residential building, and construction media
  • An estimated online readership of nearly 40 million
  • An estimated editorial value of more than 7x the amount invested

Our organic social media efforts achieved: 

For the Viatera brand:

  • An average of 4.5 new Instagram followers per week
  • Triple-digit engagements on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook
  • An increased audience reach on 3 of 4 platforms: Facebook (8K), Pinterest (18K) and Instagram (30K)

For the HI-MACS brand:

  • New followers on 3 of 4 platforms
  • An average of 2 new LinkedIn followers per day
  • An average of 1 new Instagram follower per day
  • Improved audience engagement on all 4 platforms, including nearly 55 engagements per post on Instagram; 47 engagements per post on Pinterest; and 16 engagements per post on LinkedIn
  • Expanded audience reach on all 4 platforms, including Facebook (7K+) and Pinterest (30K+)

Our integrated PR and social media campaign increased traffic to each brand’s website

  • Direct links to LG webpages by viewers of the online media articles
  • Direct links to LG webpages by the social media posts



Is a 90-Day Sprint Campaign Right for You?

A 90-Day Sprint campaign is ambitious and may not be right for every client. It generally follows this timing:

  • Days 1-30: Establish goals, KPIs and strategy; begin execution
  • Days 31-80: Execute activities; monitor and adjust activities as needed
  • Days 81-90: Conclude activities; provide results and future recommendations

However, when executed correctly, it can generate significant results.

More importantly, it can set the foundation for a long-term integrated PR and social media strategy with an even greater impact.


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